22 October 2009

Post natal feet...

The bumps have gone!
Mommy and Daddy and Baby are all well, if a little tired. Thank you all for allowing me to walk along this exciting path with you and the pregnant feet!

Beautiful Baby Girl.

And here she is! Born at 9.26 pm Monday 19th October 2009 weighing 8lb 11oz. Absolutely amazing.
Just look at those perfect little feet.
Maybe baby reflexology will be the next blog!

Pregnant feet at 40 weeks.

These feet look beautifully bumped! Eve is now past her due date and as this is her second child it as acceptable to introduce some gentle priming for labour during this maternity reflexology session. Priming must be used with caution and never before the expected delivery date. Although Eve's feet do show signs of pregnancy with the full swollen uterus reflex she feels they have not generally swollen and believes reflexology has helped this. Isn't reflexology great!

05 October 2009

Pregnant feet at 39 weeks..

Eve is now absolutely completely and totally 100% ready to give birth to her baby. The house is ready, the hospital bag is ready, the nursery is ready, her family are ready.... but it seems the baby isn't ready just yet!
This reflexology session was aimed at relaxation to promote Eve's calm feel good hormones and lower any stress hormones that may prevent labour beginning. If mom-to-be is calm and ready for baby then this has to be an advantage rather than a stressed anxious mom who may well be exhausted before the labour even begins.
The bump on Eve's feet is now lower and more even on the right and left foot. This reflects the lie of the baby. Eve now feels she is engaged ( midwife agrees) and her spine is running down the front of Eve's belly, a great position ready for the birth.
Eve is having strong tightenings and hopes that the birth is a day or two away. She has great plans for bonding with baby after delivery and these positive thoughts are a great focus at this time.
WE plan to meet up again next week ( unless baby decides otherwise) as at 40 weeks priming for labour can be introduced to the sessions.

38 weeks .... and counting down the days....

Today Eve feels very uncomfortable and is struggling with many ailments of pregnancy including Symphysis pubis pain, back ache and leg discomfort and piles. The photo appears to show the reflex area for the pregnancy bulge is now lower, mirroring the lower position of baby as she moves further into the birth canal and engages ready for birth. This change, although positive, is responsible for many of the problems Eve is now encountering.
During the treatment the reflex points for the pelvis were all tender, reflecting Eve's painful unstable pelvis. Pelvic girdle pain ( formerly called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction ) can be very distressing and disabling. Reflexology can help manage symptoms but it is vital that Eve receives the appropriate support from her midwife team as well. There are many tips to help cope with this problem and these are discussed during the reflexology session. For more information on this the pelvic partnership provide advice and support.
The reflexology session focused on relaxation, endocrine balancing and some lymphatic drainage to help minimise swelling. Eve commented on how although her hands have swollen a little she feels that apart from the bump on her feet they have not swollen, and she feels reflexology has helped with this.
We will meet again next week for another reflexology treatment as with the birth getting closer Eve wants to include regular short sessions to help prepare for the birth.

27 September 2009

beautiful biggly bumped pregnant feet. 36 weeks

Eve is now absolutely desperate to give birth to her baby girl and hold her in her arms rather than carrying her around in a space that seems far too small!!!

You can see the bulging areas on the inner sides of her feet and how the bulge now reaches higher up the foot. On the picture of the base of the foot the fullness in the arch is very evident. Prior to pregnancy this area was concave, but now it is full and bounding, just like Eve's pregnant uterus. The right foot has a fuller bulge and Eve feels the larger foot reflects where her babies back lies and where she feels her weight.

This reflexology session focused on relaxation and Eve's comfort throughout the treatment was paramount. Prior to the session the maternity checklist was completed to ensure Eve's suitability for treatment. A hypnotherapy birthing CD was used to help Eve visualise her baby and promote calmness now and during the rest of the pregnancy and delivery too.

dad -to -be was also involved in this treatment and he hoped to learn some relaxing massage techniques to use with Eve whenever she felt they would benefit. Partners can benefit greatly from becoming involved in this way and many relaxing techniques can be learnt with ease.

14 September 2009

Pregnant feet at 33 weeks.

Hopefully you can see the ares of fullness above the instep of Eve's feet, especially the right one. At 33 weeks the uterine reflex is full and round and high up Eve's body lines, above the waist line and advancing towards the diaphragm line. Eve can definitely feel this advancing bump as her baby presses near her actual diaphragm causing indigestion and general pressure as her baby girl wriggles around happily inside. Eve feels the babies back and body lies more to the right, reflected in the larger bump on her right reflex. During the session arms and legs can been seen wriggling around, the baby seemed to enjoy Eve's relaxation as much as she did.

The baby is now gaining weight rapidly and Eve can feel more pressure in her pelvis and sacro-illiac joints. The reflexology session was aimed towards relaxation, and easing Eve's aching back and pelvis. Pregnancy precautions were observed at all times to ensure safety for Eve and the baby.

At the end of the session Eve is more relaxed and looking forward to a restful day ... with a very wriggly baby bump.